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Handcrafted Taal-Patra Bookmark with Lord Jagannath motifs


A Taal Patra bookmark with Lord Jagannath motifs can be a unique and artistic way to incorporate traditional Indian art into your reading experience. The Taal Patra bookmark not only serves its practical purpose of marking pages but also becomes a piece of art with cultural significance. It showcases the skillful craftsmanship and artistic traditions associated with Taal Patra painting.

Taal-Patra (Tala pattachitra) or ‘palm leaf etching’ is rooted in the Indian state of Odisha, reflecting its rich culture. This art thrives amongst the artisans of Raghurajpur art and crafts cluster near Puri and some other smaller pockets of Cuttack District and is one of the most ancient crafts in the world. The art originated when written communication began. The unripe leaves of the palm tree are semi-dried and then stitched together. The etching is then done using an iron pen. Then a paste made of bean leaves, charcoal made of burnt coconut shells, til oil, and turmeric is rubbed on the etching. These etchings mostly deal with mythological themes. The images are painted using rich colours made from vegetable, earth, and mineral sources – yellow from haritala stone, black is made out of lampblack and red from shingle stone. White is prepared from powdered, boiled, and filtered conch shells. The themes of the Pattachitras includes religious, mythological, and folktales. Krishna Leela and Lord Jagannath are the main motifs painted. These stunning pieces created through this craft will surely adorn your spaces with Odia culture.

Craft: Taal-Patra Art

Dimensions in inches (L x W): L – 8″ W- 3.5″

Care: Avoid contact with water.

Shipping Policy: The product will be shipped within 10 days of the order placement. Return of the product is accepted only if the product is received in damaged condition. Please refer to the Return Policy.

Special Attention: Handcrafted, please allow for some minor variations.


Weight 1 kg


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Handcrafted Taal-Patra Bookmark with Lord Jagannath motifs