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Tribal Art-Saura Wall Clock


This beautiful wall clock has saura folk art done by the Saura tribe of Odisha. The simple forms and figures on this clock come together to compose intricate narration of their everyday life, tradition and practices. Owning this timeless piece will fill you with the pride of possessing an art which is done by one of the oldest tribe of India. A perfect gift for housewarming party, for corporate events.

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The Sauras are one of India’s oldest tribes, inhabiting the southern part of Odisha.the art of the Sauras is rich with symbolism and meaning, and it is through these images and their interpretation that the Saura people hold on to their customs and culture. Saura art is traditionally made on the red or brown clay walls of the homes of the villagers, with natural dyes made from rice, white stone, and flower and leaf extracts, using a brush that is made from tender bamboo. The paintings are usually dedicated to the deity of the Sauras, known as Idital and are made during special occasions like harvest, child-birth, marriage etc, during which they are also worshipped.The figures in Saura artworks are called icons or ikons and many of them are recurring motifs and symbols, such as people, the tree of life, the sun and moon, horses, and elephants, which all hold their own symbolism.

Craft: Saura Art

Dimensions in inches (W x H): 14″ x 14″ (inches)

Care and Instruction: Gently wipe with a soft dry cloth.

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Special Attention: Handcrafted, please allow for some minor variations. The embroidery work may vary, as each product is unique.

Dimensions 9 × 4 × 7 cm


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Tribal Art-Saura Wall Clock